Victoria BC Healthy Living

Victoria, BC, One of The Healthiest Places To Live

victoriaFor the 10th year in a row Victoria British Columbia has been nominated and awarded to spot in the top 15 healthiest cities to live in North America.

A quick look through Victoria however and you can see how this award was easily won, after all the citizens of Victoria are some of the healthiest, happiest, and most outdoorsy people you’ll ever meet.

A quick look around the city and you’ll see a combination of runners wearing shorts, cyclists weaving in and out of the cars in the downtown city streets, and both men and women wearing yoga pants and carrying yoga mat under their arms on their way to the fitness studio for an early-morning, Midafternoon, or even late night workout.

Health First in Victoria

Health comes first in Victoria BC but this is often a lot easier to obtain in cities with more temperate climates. This is because fitness and healthy activities aren’t relegated to indoor studios but rather can take place anywhere thanks to warmer, and milder temperatures in the winter and then cooler, and less brutally hot summers.

Victoria, BC, is located in the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island and is also the provinces capital city. Home too around 300,000 people it seems to draw an eclectic group of both hipsters, hippies, Government employees (who are employed at the Capital buildings right downtown) students thanks to the presence of the University of Victoria’s campus located in Oak Bay, and the combination of both retirees and young families.

The one thing you will be unlikely to find are “prairie people” or those who are not willing to pay the extra price for real estate in order to get away from the brutal winters and flat faceless land it categorizes the prairies.

That’s right, you can’t expect to pay a hefty premium for real estate and accommodations well here in Victoria. Fortunately this also means there are a number of very high quality real estate developers and contractors available whether you’re looking for a plumber, a carpenter, or a Victoria roofing company.¬† It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a condominium, townhouse, or single family detached home, Victoria’s real estate market is always hot and a second in prices only to downtown Vancouver toronto expert¬†which is infamous for its costly real estate and high cost of living.

Still the extra dollars required are well worth it as Victoria is beautiful all year round in a wonderful place to call home an to live a balanced And healthy lifestyle.